Your Resource for Eastside Real Estate; Helping Our Neighbors During Hard Times

Thinking about how to help your neighbors during tough times? Here are some tips to take care of the people around you: 1. Call your elderly and immunocompromised neighbors and see if they need any supplies or help. The elderly and immunocompromised are especially at risk right now so if you can drop off some supplies, it will help keep your neighbors safe. 2. Not all your neighbors can afford to stay home, so if you can lend a hand with child care or delivering hot meals, it can make a big difference for others. 3. Practice good hygiene and washing… Read More

Your Resource for East Side Real Estate; Gardens!

The beginning of March is a great time to get your garden going. We here at ABC Realty have ordered quite a few types of seeds to plant in our gardens. One of our realtors, Mhonpaj even runs her own farm called Mhonpaj’s Garden. If you’ve ever dreamed of having your own garden, the spring is a great time to buy a home with space for one, or upgrade to a bigger plot. Call us today for all your real estate needs!    

Your Resource for East Side Real Estate; Spring Clean Up!

It’s March! Spring is here! We want to remind you about a few easy Spring cleaning activities you can do to maintain and beautify your home! 1. Clean your gutters. Dirty gutters are an eyesore and a liability for you or your buyers. Cleaning your gutters takes less than an hour, and helps prevent flooding in your yard. 2. Repair your windows and screens. Make sure to replace damaged windows and screens so you can enjoy that fresh spring air. Damaged windows and screens lower the curb appeal of your home. 3. Once the snow melts, make sure your lawn… Read More

Your Resource for East Side Real Estate; Spring Has Sprung!

Hello Minnesota! Spring is around the corner. Do you know what that means? Grilling. Look at these delicious burgers smoking up on that grill. Can you imagine how delicious they are? And you know what? I don’t even eat meat! But I’m still excited about the prospect of grilling up a storm. What would make that experience even better? Grilling in your own home. Aren’t you tired of renting? It’s becoming cheaper to own than rent, giving you more money for that sizzlin’ grill. Call us today for all your real estate needs!  

Your Resource For East Side Real Estate; Hillcrest Workshop

This Wednesday the city of Saint Paul’s PED is leading a workshop as part of their master plan process. Open to the public, this event will work in collaboration with the Port Authority, Consultants, and community members. The event will be held at the Heights Community School, 1863 Clear Ave East. This is a great opportunity to spend time in community in the East Metro and learn about development in the Twin Cities. We encourage you to attend this meeting and give your input on the largest development the East Side has seen in years. Through active community voice, we… Read More

Your Resource for East Side Real Estate; Payne Area Reboot

Commercial corridors can contribute to a neighborhood’s affordability. They are a hot topic in today’s rapidly developing urban centers. Payne Avenue is no stranger to the hustle and bustle of commerce. The Payne Area Reboot is setting out to strengthen the economic vitality of the Payne area. Although this sounds wonderful it could spell out the signs of incoming gentrification. Without community input, plans and developments can quickly go awry. East Side Freedom Library is hosting an event “Future of the East Side” February 12th at 6:30 pm. If you are an East Sider and want to make sure your… Read More

Your Resource for Eastside Real Estate; What is a CMA?

What is a CMA? Why does it matter? A Comparative Market Analysis is an analysis where a property is compared to similar properties in the area to determine the value. The property is compared to current properties listed for sale, properties that have recently sold but not closed, and properties that have sold and closed within the last year. A CMA matters to someone who owns a home and is thinking about selling. If you are considering selling your home is 2020, then a CMA is important information for you to consider. Call us and we’ll create a CMA for… Read More

Your Resource for East Side Real Estate; History of Hillcrest

There’s been a lot of buzz recently around the Hillcrest Golf Course Development on the East Side. In a city steeped in history, its fascinating to get to know how such a large development could affect this large small town. How will our neighborhoods in the Greater East Side be affected by the construction? Here at ABC Realty we like to think about how the history of Saint Paul and the East Side shapes the future, so we thought it might be helpful to do an overview of the history of the Hillcrest Golf Course. In 1921, the Hillcrest Golf… Read More

Your Resource for Eastside Realty; Scattered Sites Coming Soon!

Hello and Good Afternoon! We are excited to announce that we have three scattered sites coming to Saint Paul this fall! Attached is a video of our Desoto Property that just came to the market on the 26th of September. These homes are 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms split entries under $250,000. If you miss out on this opportunity don’t worry! there are two more of these homes coming to market later on this fall! If you have any questions please feel free to contact us! Transcription [ Hey Community. It’s ABC Realty. We are here in Payne-Phalen across the street from… Read More