Chances are, we speak your language.



ABC Realty, LLC is a boutique real estate agency in Eastside St. Paul, MN that looks and sounds like the community it serves.

As an agency, we work across cultures to break down barriers to homeownership. We specialize in helping first-time homebuyers and new immigrants find a house and a neighborhood that truly fits their needs and exceeds their expectations. We have agents who speak Spanish and Hmong, we regularly work with clients who have translators and, to keep pace with the ever-changing demographics of Eastside St. Paul, we’re adding agents who speak Burmese. We’re accessible and we’re available, face to face and over the phone to help our clients each step of the way, whether they’re buying or selling.

We’re not only located on the Eastside of St. Paul, we are Eastside St. Paul.  

We have placed our roots in a city that melds the sights, smells, and tastes of a multitude of cultures. The area is a hotbed for eats with Tongue in Cheek, Cook St. Paul and Plaza del Sol leading the line-up. Colorful murals, created by members of the Indigenous Roots Cultural Arts Center, grace the exterior walls around the Eastside and show the heritage of the area.Walk down Seventh Street and you’ll find six-foot planters expertly crafted to represent the foods of the different cultures of people who live on the Eastside. There are herbs, vegetables and edible flowers from the Salvadoran, Native American, Liberian, West African and Hmong cultures, among others. Passersby can stop and sample the different greens and learn more about the foods and where to find them locally. 


Eastside St. Paul is not only a perfect celebration of culture, it’s walkable. From the Mexican Consulate to Mounds Theatre and the Mississippi Market, it’s all within reach. Our clients not only want good mole, they want to walk to a good coffee shop, a Thai restaurant, and their kids’ school. They want to stay in the neighborhood to go to the grocery store and hit the Y. They want to walk to the cultural arts center so their kids can attend hip hop class and they want green space to just stop and enjoy the day.  Eastside St. Paul offers mile upon mile of trail space with access to the Gateway State Trail and the Bruce Vento Nature Sanctuary along the north shore of the Mississippi River. The community, while in close proximity to the downtowns and the Minneapolis/St. Paul International Airport also touts Lake Phalen and Phalen Park Golf Course and nearby Round Lake and Keller Lake along with Keller Golf Course.

Here at ABC Realty, the focus isn’t on selling houses and buying houses, it’s about building communities.

As our clients decide which neighborhood is right for them we discuss the value of home ownership and how it can be leveraged to build a future. As our clients choose where to put down roots they may also be deciding whether to begin a business, where to send their children to school and how to go back to school themselves. Homeownership adds value for them as a family and it has value for us as a community.  With your goals and dreams, we know affordability is often top of mind for many of our clients. We strive to find our customers’ homes that will fit their needs and exceed their expectations while staying on budget and respecting their limits.

When it comes time to sell your home, we’re here for you too, ready to put our East St. Paul experts to work for you.  


We're here for you